The Car Outside

Early this winter morning, I was awakened by the sound of a car starting, just outside my window. I should say rather, that it was a car trying to start. You know the sound.  The Rrrr…Rrr of the motor turning over, but not quite starting. The more it goes on, the more nervous you get.

I must admit that I started groaning that the car would start, but not only because I felt for the driver.

I knew that if the car didn’t start, I would have to go outside (remember that I was in the warm bed, and it was cold outside,) and help. And I didn’t want to. Certainly I wanted to help. Just not now.

To my great relief, the car did finally start. I sighed with the satisfaction that I was off the hook.

As I mulled on it though, I came to admit that maybe it would have been better that I not be off the hook, but be called into service. For that is the whole point of our Christian path.

We should probably want to be on the hook. Maybe if we’re not on the hook, or better yet, taking the hook, then something’s wrong.


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