There have always been scriptures that have been curious to me. One occurs just before Jesus sends his disciples out into the world for the first time.

“Be as shrewd as serpents, and as innocent as doves,” he instructs.

Shrewd sticks out to me with a Jesus who was all about love and sacrifice.

Some suggest that the word can mean prudent or wise, and I suppose there is something to that. But most translations use the word shrewd.

Shrewd is a harsh word. It gives me a sense of mistrust and suspicion. Clever. Conniving.

I’m not sure if the word shrew comes from the same word; I am too lazy to look into it, but it seems to fit. Shakespeare’s Shrew was a woman who was a complaining, harassing nag, probably named after the small venomous rat-like animal.

So I suppose that like his disciples, I am supposed to be shrewd too. Don’t know that I want to be shrewd. I want to be caring and loving and sacrificing. That’s what they taught me in Sunday school.


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