You’re An Ass If…

hA local radio station has a semi-comedic segment called “You’re An Ass If…” during which both the callers and hosts bring up observations or interactions with others that leave them with the above impression. Usually it’s a pretty clear infraction such as cutting in line, or parking in a handicap parking space in which the offender should clearly know better. Sometimes it’s gratifying to hear others confirm feelings I have while other times I get to see offenses in a context I am not normally exposed to, but can immediately understand. It’s fun to vent.

Some of the things that strike me are:

Hogging a station in the weight room.

Making a lot of noise outside an apartment window at a late hour.

Driving slowly in the fast lane.

We need to ask of ourselves if  “You’re An Ass If…” can be said of us, especially if the phrase can be expanded to “You’re A Christian Ass If…” meaning we are coming across as an ass while being immediately identified as a Christian. Because then the two unfortunately become joined.


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