Is Money The Answer For Everything?

11-2012 MoneyEvery time the Powerball Lottery comes around with an absurd pot like a half-billion dollars, it’s all over the news. Aside from completely cutting off any communication with the world (there’s something to be said for that,) there is no way to avoid myself thinking about how it would be to win all that money.

And it’s all the normal things—wouldn’t have to work, no anxieties over the future, the ability to benefit all of my great causes, college for the kids. Can’t help it. Yes, I know all about the problems that come with winning the lottery, like making lots of new lots of new friends, but what’s the matter with new friends?

Like it or not, we are dependent on money. In our world, we need money. And as spiritual as we all want to be, we all want money. We want money to repair our car, to replace our cabinets, to run our church, to keep our business going. Wouldn’t money solve our problems? Is money the answer for everything? Let’s see what the Bible says:

“Money is the Answer for Everything”

Yep, that’s what the Bible says.


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