Money IS the Answer for Everything

11-2012 Dollars“Money is the Answer for everything.”

That’s what the Bible says. It’s right there. Ecclesiastes 10:19.

It’s a fun verse to quote in an off the cuff way during any discussion related to money, with my Christian friends. I remember quoting it once at a group dinner before church service, and one of the ladies, assuming I was being a jokester, asked sardonically,  “And where does it say that?” I told her. After moving to the church and before the service had started, I saw her diligently referencing Ecclesiastes. When she got to 10:19, her mouth dropped.

It’s a verse that takes most by surprise. It took me by surprise when I ran into it one day reading through the book. I just sat there looking at it. It seems to run counter to other principals we embrace as Christians, such as living only for our daily bread, the widow who gave away everything, and that the love of money is the root of all evil.

But there it is. I am off the hook regarding my desire for money, because it’s the answer for everything!


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