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Gluttony isn’t a frequent topic in Christian circles. Perhaps that’s because we usually want to fry the bigger fish (get it?)

But the scriptures do speak to the issue. There’s a wide variety of approaches to the topic, and even a different number of definitions.

You might have heard of gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins. Might surprise you to find that there is more than one list of the seven deadly sins. The primary one in the Scriptures is in the sixth chapter of Proverbs, and gluttony isn’t there. Another probably more familiar one that contains gluttony rose up in the days of the early church.

Aquinas divided gluttony into six categories:

Eating before needing to.

Eating food that is too expensive.


Being too eager to eat.

Giving too much attention to food when eating.

Eating crassly.

Aquinas was a very analytical perfectionist who ferreted out the minutest details of his topics.

In our culture, I don’t think we need to worry ourselves about the finer points. When we have a gun to our head, we probably don’t need to consider the caliber of the bullet.

Our American culture is drowning in healthcare needs, and a big reason is from eating too much, to often, and too much to our taste.

Gluttony is a spiritual topic. A couple reasons are the questions of what we depend on to fill our needs, and the desire to fill our wants.

What to do about our gluttony is the topic for another blog, suffice it to say though that it is worthy of another blog.

We don’t really have a physical description of Jesus, but I don’t imagine the donkey he rode on complaining about being unfairly burdened.


One thought on “Gluttony

  1. Anonymous

    Enjoyed your blog on gluttony. saint Thomas was right onin with his assessment on the topic. we Americans are obsessed with food, never considering how many people are starving today. of course Saint Thomas did not have Tv to saturate minds with food. Wish we could do away with Tv commercials, or possible tv. anonomas


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