Bookstore Gossip


Made a visit to the local Christian bookstore the other day to catch up on the latest tomes. You know, “How to Know that God Loves Especially You,” and ” “How to Get All the Blessings You Deserve.”  Would have been great to see a book called “How Not to Gossip Smack in the Middle of a Christian Book Store.” Yes, there they were—two ladies talking ill of someone behind her back.

“I really hate it when she does (this or that),” says the first.

“I know, she just drives me so insane!” came the reply.

I want to go over and whisper in their ears, “You know, I can hear you.” I mean isn’t proper gossip supposed at least be a little more clandestine? The irony of the scene grew as I stood flanked by the volumes speaking to positive Christian behavior.

Oh by the way, the two gossipers had not wandered in off the street to shop—they were behind the counter. They gave me a proper “Thank you” upon my purchase of a proper Christian book, and happily asked me to come back.

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