What Is Gossip, Anyway?

2-2013 No_chat

So what is gossip anyway? The first thought that comes to mind is that it is ‘talking behind someone’s back.’ But that doesn’t satisfy a lot of scenarios:

  1. What if I’m telling another parent how proud I am of my son? Isn’t that talking behind my son’s back?
  2. What if I’m criticizing the President?
  3. What if I’m concerned about a friend who’s depressed and I’m seeking advice?
  4. What if a woman is sharing with a friend how much in love she is with a man she’s seeing?
  5. What if I’m venting about the driver who cut me off on the highway?

Gossiping typically involves the following ingredients:

  1. Talking about a specific person when they are not present.
  2. Is negative in that it makes the other person looks worse.
  3. Is ill-intentioned.
  4. Makes you look better.
  5. Occurs during idle time.
  6. Involves trivial things. ­
  7. Is frequently speculative.
  8. Centers around personal matters.

Let’s consider these seeds whenever we are talking about someone else, and what fruits those seeds might produce.

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One thought on “What Is Gossip, Anyway?

  1. Herslf

    Not sure I would consider all of your examples as gossip. What if a parent is proud of his son’s accomplishments. people gather with one another to share the good things in their lives and the not so good. I consider this a support system which we all need . What is left to talk about with friens and family. this is not gossiping,


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