1. Does God Want You To Be Happy?



9 thoughts on “1. Does God Want You To Be Happy?

  1. cimcalister

    At the risk of putting forth into the blogosphere an opinion unsupported by research, I’ll take issue with the brevity of the post. A reasonable argument could be made to show that although happiness is far from God’s top priority for us, He would rather us be happy than miserable. Take Job for example. If happiness is value-neutral to God, why would he bestow upon him even greater gifts than what he had before his suffering? There is a significant difference between claiming God wants us to be unhappy and God placing human happiness far down on the priority list.

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks for your intriguing comments cimcalister. Keep them in mind while reading the next post called “Seriously, Does God Want You To Be Happy?”

  2. Himself

    I finally found your blog. I didn’t recognize it as it was so brief. But I think you are wrong. If Gods didn’t want us to be happy, why did he invent birthday candles? I get happier and happier each time I add another candle to my birthday cake. I am happy each time I wake in the morning and am able to take a deep breath and let it out. When I look next to me in bed each morning and see the great gift God gave me some 57 years ago. For all the things God gave me, I thank Him every day, not to forget Cadilacs and ice cream.

    1. Steve Post author

      So, Herself, the if happiness isn’t equated with enjoyment, next question would be, “What IS happiness equated with?”

      1. Herself

        with Jesus by. My side, I am happy, with cheerfulness of heart, and a smile on my lips. ” St. Damien, who worked with the lepers.”

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